Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Winsome Wednesday! October 10, 2012


This week I am featuring two rooms I painted for identical twin boys. Their mom (my client) is a creative genius! Collaborations with her are always fun and exciting. I first painted for this family when the boys were 18 months old; they are now five, and the murals needed an update. To the room that already had dinosaurs, race cars, cities, roads, planes, etc. I added a T-Rex fighting off an alien invasion.  I really can’t take credit for these client dreams all of this up! She tells her boys amazing stories about the sun and the moon, mice and dragons, space travel on other planets...on and on. The challenge and the fun is trying to climb in her head to see what she is envisioning and then create ideas for the murals. 
What I truly appreciate is how she allows creativity to flow throughout her home. How many of us would listen to our kids say “Mom, I want blue aliens in a space ship battle with a dinosaur!” and respond with “OK, let’s do it!” Not many of us...I know my first response might be "but, that doesn't match your perfectly coordinated bedroom." I need to loosen up and encourage my kids personal creativity, not just my own design agenda. She is dreaming up the fun with her boys and listening to their creative hearts too. I love it!  

Outer Space Room:


Wild World Room:

And Oh Yes, GROW SLOW, babes...time goes too fast.

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