Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Orchids, Soap, and Tabbouleh

"Orchid Spray" by Tina C. Wells, Acrylic on Canvas
I find orchids unique and beautiful. They are one of the few flowers that can grow well indoors. 
A few tips:
Water only every 5-12 days. Overwatering is the most common mistake. 
Not blooming? Try more light.
The leaves are an indicator of enough light; they should be bright green. 
(Dark green, not enough light... Reddish green, too much light)

SIMPLY CREATIVE: Sparkly Clean, 
Fine Wine Dish Soap Dispenser

Fine Wine Dish Soap Dispensers
Last week for Valentine's Day, I made up several of these for gifts for friends. It makes a clever thank you gift or hostess gift as well. Pair it with a cute dish towel to complete.

1. Soak empty wine bottle in warm water for a few minutes and then scrape off the label. Take off the remaining glue with BarKeepers Friend, or other mild abrasive cleaner.

2. Re-label with a permanent label (many shipping labels are removable). This label is Martha Stewart brand found at Staples...permanent and water resistant, perfect for the kitchen. 

3. Create a label. Before attaching, I opted to pencil on my design and go over it with Sharpie permanent markers, as the ink from my computer kept smearing.

4. Fill with dish soap. Or, fill with bath soap instead for the tub.

5. Cork the bottles using old corks. I then used sealing wax and a stamp over the top (optional). 

6. Tie on a spout, like the kind used for olive oil or shot pourer.

RECIPE: Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh, Mid-Eastern Salad

This wonderful salad originates in Syria. Fresh, healthy, and full of flavor! I think my Syrian Great-Grandmother Jalayla would approve :)

1 cup bulgar (or use quinoa for a gluten-free version)
1 c chopped flat leaf parsley
1 c finely chopped green onion
1/2 c finely chopped fresh mint
2 med tomatoes chopped
1/3 c lemon juice
1/3 c olive oil
2 cucumbers cubed

Soak bulgar in hot water for 10 minutes to plump grains. Drain well and add parsley, onions, mint , tomatoes, lemon juice, and oil. Toss well. Season and decorate with cucumber.

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