Monday, January 21, 2013


Long ago, I learned the value of “paint jeans,” or more specifically, work clothes. In my teens, I first started selling my work (craftier back then), and spent a good deal of time painting. Rule #1 has always been that I put on my ‘paint clothes’ before I dive into any project, even a small one. Worrying I might stain my clothes held me back from fully immersing myself into the art. I get messy! My paint jeans form over time as I often brush off a color onto them to start with a new color. It’s funny that if I run an errand in them, I am often asked where I bought my cool jeans. HA! If you are going to get more creative this year, make yourself a fun pair of paint jeans. I was in desperate need of a new pair, so the last painting I did was very colorful and I intentionally brushed and spattered color on the denim as I went. This is fun! You don’t need to paint anything in particular, just pull out a canvas and start playing around with color (you can always paint over it). Your newly decorated jeans are great for any messy project from painting to gardening to spaghetti sauce...or out and about.

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