Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18, 2013

I{HEART}ART: Inspiration: Citrus!

"CITRUS" by Tina C. Wells, Acrylic on canvas

In Southern California, this is the time of year that navel oranges are hanging low on the trees. My parents have a handful of orange trees, and I grew up with their delicious sweet/tart fruit, and freshly squeezed juice. One tree, let alone several, has more fruit than a family could eat, so they have always shared with friends and neighbors. The warm citrus colors are so inviting on a winter day.

SIMPLY CREATIVE: Chevron Stripe Buckets

Easy to make Chevron Striped Buckets

Before the holidays, some friends and I decided to share homemade gifts for Christmas. It was a lovely idea, but the holidays got so busy, that we decided to postpone our gathering and gifts for a January New Year celebration. And by some wonderful twist of fate, we were blessed with a rare, warm, clear January day, and we sat outside eating brunch in short sleeves in 75 degree weather. Ahhh...

My gift to my friends was oranges, from the Carlson trees, in hand painted buckets. I keep a lookout for inexpensive containers, and had found these metal buckets a few months back. Primed, and painted with a chevron design, these containers made a splash.


Supplies: Metal container, Spray primer for metal, low adhesive mask tape, acrylic craft paint, spray Varathane

1. Tape off the areas not to be painted. Spray metal with a metal primer spraypaint. (available at paint/ home improvement/ craft stores) Allow to dry completely.
 2. Measure the base of your container and create a low, flat triangle template out of paper. Trace 4 times evenly around base, leaving 2+ inches in between each.
3. Lightly apply low adhesive (usually green in color)  1” tape along the triangles to create chevron stripes. Keep repeating to the top of the container.
4. Paint stripes in alternating colors between tape. Allow to dry completely.
5. Spray or coat with Varathane (water-based clear sealer available at paint/ home improvement stores)

RECIPE: Grand Marnier Oranges

Grand Marnier Oranges- Light and Delicous- Perfect for January!

While this recipe is still dessert, it fits in better with my New Years resolutions than some kind of decadent pastry. It is a perfect sweet, light ending to a special dinner, or a great addition to a brunch. Because my parents have always had orange trees, my mother has been making this as long as I can remember. It is delightful! 

6 medium size oranges, peeled and sliced horizontally into circular slices
1/4 cup + 1 TBS Grand Marnier liqueur (orange liqueur)
1/4 cup orange marmalade (a more bitter marmalade, vs. sweet, is preferable)
1 TBS orange juice (collected from the oranges as you slice)
Optional: small topping of sour cream and mint sprig (I looked questioningly at my mom when she said she serves it this way, but then I tried it- Oh Yes!)

Grand Marnier Oranges
Slice oranges and place in a shallow dish, such as a pie pan. Separately mix marmalade, liqueur, and orange juice; then spoon over the oranges. Marinade at least 30 minutes, but you can marinade overnight as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Great simple instructions for the buckets. I, who am artfully challenged, think I could even attempt it!