Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I{HEART}ART: Inspiration: HOME

"Chandelier" by Tina C. Wells, Acrylic on canvas

This chandelier makes me want to come inside, stay a while, relax with friends. 

A new look

My sister moved "home" from Michigan about five years ago. I say home, because even though she moved to Newport Beach, and I am in San Diego, it feels like she is home. Back in Southern California. She is a hour and a half drive away, not a 4 hour plane trip followed by a 3 hour drive...in the snow. I am ever so happy about this!

It took them nearly two years to find the house that fit all their criteria. They live in a great neighborhood, older homes, lots of families, walking distance to shops, restaurants, and the bay. When they first moved in they were happy that much of the house worked with their current furnishings, and so, they moved the Michigan household out of storage and into the new digs. A couple of years passed and it was time to start fresh...new colors, new furniture, new  style. That being said, the permanent features in the room would stay, such as the large, green, granite, moroccan-looking fireplace. 

Annette asked me to help her with this project, but I can't really take much credit because she truly led the way. I was more of a sounding board, but enjoyed being part of the process. We all need someone we trust to toss ideas around. 

Step 1: Walls. Annette wanted her room to "shimmer." I investigated some specialty metallic paints and found a wonderful, mildly metallic paint, in a taupe hue. The application was quite a process, but with fantastic results. The walls are rich and inviting and change drastically in different light throughout the day and evening. And yes, they do shimmer!

Step 2: Furniture. She was quite sure she wanted a new sofa or sectional in a charcoal color. She measured, shopped, compared and at last decided on a sofa and chair from Z Gallery. She added two fun upholstered chairs to her mid-century modern dining room set, that could be pulled over to the living room for additional seating. A new low wood coffee table and mini chevron print rug and she was almost complete. 

Step 3: Accessories. Pillows were the frosting on the cake. I encouraged her to over buy, take them home, and return the ones that didn't work. Turquoise and coral colored pillows added a great pop of color. Accessorizing can go on indefinitely as you shop and travel and pick up things along the way that work in the space.



RECIPE: Annette's Champagne Cocktail

Love this recipe! Not only is it a delicious combination of flavors, but oh-so-pretty in the champagne flute. Great for brunch, appetizers...anything really. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, as they say.

Pomegranate Juice
Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
Pomegranate Seeds

Mix pomegranate and grapefruit juices together, equal parts. Add a splash, according to taste preference, to champagne in individual glasses, along with a few pomegranate seeds. For a pre-dinner cocktail, a splash of vodka may be added.

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