Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winsome Wednesday November 28, 2012

I{HEART}ART: Inspiration: TABLE

I have rotating art in my well as rotating decor, dishes, and color schemes. I guess my artist nature gets a little bored and needs to change it up. For me, seasons are a natural path to change the decor. My house is pretty small, so the question is always “WHERE do you keep all this stuff?” Fortunately, my little cottage has an attic! I feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid when she goes to her sea cave where she keeps her found treasures.  
We are all changing our home decor this season, as Christmas demands. I always take out these two paintings I did a couple of years ago; they are a compliment to this season when there is much gathering around the table together.

"Serving Pieces" by Tina C. Wells, acrylic on canvas

"Silverware" by Tina C. Wells, acrylic on canvas
Reprints on canvas of these paintings are available for sale at my Etsy store:

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