Saturday, April 5, 2014

I{HEART}ART: Inspiration: Nest!

 “Spring Pink Nest” by Tina C. Wells, acrylic on canvas

JOURNEY: Mission San Juan Capistrano

This month, my son Kenny and I travelled up the coast to Mission San Juan Capistrano (CA 4th grade mission project). We strategically planned our trip in hopes of seeing the swallows that arrive every year in March. Their nests look nothing like the traditional little bird nest in my painting. Swallows make mud nests. We were fortunate to see a few at the Mission, but sadly, most of the swallows have moved their nests to quieter locations. Our trip to the Mission was wonderful. It is a beautiful historic spot. In fact, the oldest building in California is at Mission San Juan Capistrano, Serra Chapel, where Father Serra performed Mass. We attend a community church (Flood Church, that has a very different ascetic (modern and artsy) from the regal and traditional Catholic Church. My son and I soaked it up, and appreciated that we are all followers of Christ. It was a lovely and meaningful spot to visit this Easter season.
The swallows mud nests at the Mission

Bell campanario

The original entrance to the Mission. "RESURGAM" means "I shall rise again."

Inside Serra Chapel, oldest building in CA


 As a child, my year progressed as I anticipated the next event. After Christmas, there was Valentine’s day, and then Easter, our annual spring beach camping trip, and then, summer break, and my birthday...etc. Remember at Christmas when you thought, “A whole YEAR until Christmas comes again!” It seemed like forever. Time goes oh-so-much-faster now, but I still find myself living in anticipation of the next celebration. While I cling to the old traditions, I love starting new ones too. For a handful of years, maybe seven, my life-long friend Daphne has hosted a beautiful Easter party. My little Genevieve has been asking for two months when we get to go to Miss Daphne’s egg hunt. There is one word that adequately describes the party: Abundance. I think she might stuff 4 million eggs. She also has completely over the top gifts for the adults. Last year she made giant paper mache eggs and stuffed them full of gourmet treats and presents. There are ever-flowing mimosas, gorgeous decorations, an extravagant craft table, and a fantastic brunch that we all contribute to. Kristen brings her amazing Italian Easter Bread; I make baked carmel french toast (see last Easter’s blog chocolate nests. It’s a party we look forward to all year! 

Fun and festive egg decorating craft for all to participate in:
 Below are a few of Daphne's paper mache egg boxes:

Easter Brunch:

Kristen's Italian Easter Bread

The Hunt!

RECIPE: Chocolate Bird Nests

I adore this treat! Chocolatey, crunchy, salty, sweet, and cute to boot, you can’t go wrong. A fun treat for Easter, class parties, and spring birthdays. Thanks Carol, for sharing this recipe!

Dark melting chocolate wafers
Chow Mein noodles
Robin’s Egg candies
muffin liners

Melt chocolate in a double broiler (or slowly on low heat). Add crunchy chow mein noodles and stir gently until covered with chocolate. Spoon out into lined muffin tins, hollowing out the middle in the shape of a nest. Arrange a couple robin’s egg candies on top. After it has cooled, remove liners.
Bunny Love!

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