Saturday, June 29, 2013

I{HEART}ART: Inspiration: Independence Day!
"God Bless America" Mixed medium paint/photo collage by Tina C. Wells

It has become our tradition that we venture up to Orange County to spend the Fourth of July with my sister and her family. The photo in this collage was taken last 4th of July of my two kids and my niece and nephew. 
Over the past year, I have been having wonderful fun experimenting with mixed medium, paint/photo collages. Ultimately, I would like to hang twelve of these pieces (10”x10” each) together... stay tuned. 
Send me a picture, and I will get started on a piece for you ;)

Simply Creative: Pallet Flag

 This rustic flag hangs outside in my backyard. It was made by my friends Joseph and Kristen and given to our family as a gift. The flag is painted on a pallet, with painted metal stars attached. I am so lucky to be the recipient of their talent and creativity! (Thanks again, friends!)

RECIPE: Patriot Shortcake

It has been some crazy roller coaster ride since summer began at our house, and as much as I want to make something fabulously creative for our 4th of July celebration, I need to keep it simple this year. But sometimes simple is the best. This delicious dessert is perfect for the 4th, or any other summer day. 

Patriot Shortcake

I cheated. I bought the Trader Joe’s shortcake biscuits. I LOVE them. They are only slightly sweet, very much like a scone. This buttery, salty shortcake, with tart, sweet fruit, and creamy ice cream or whipped cream is the perfect flavor combination. 

Shortcake (plain scone or biscuit would work)
Vanilla ice cream or whipped cream 
Sliced strawberries
teaspoon+ of honey

Layer in individual dishes shortcake (bottom), scoop ice cream, berries mixed with honey (top with whipped cream if not using ice cream).

For great menu ideas and recipes, see my post from last 4th of July:

July 4th goodie buckets:

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