Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012


Creative Wrap

A few days left until Christmas and still so very much to do. You haven’t wrapped all of your gifts either? That makes me feel better. I have a few creative wrappings for you that are easy and fun. 

I put together a gift basket, and tied it up with cellophane. I was transported to another place in time as I remembered growing up next door to a family that had 3 girls, two were the ages and grades of my sister and me. We were great friends and had worn a path between the shrubs that divided our houses. For a brief time, their mom ran a small business called “Wrap it Up!”  She put together these wonderful baskets, chalked full of good stuff, tied up with cellophane, and ribbons turned into fantastic bows. I remember gazing at her organized work station, with spools of colorful ribbons, and rolls of cellophane, hung neatly on horizontal rods to efficiently wrap up her baskets. I wish they still lived next door to my parents...I would have run over and asked for Mrs. P’s advise. I miss them all, especially my friend Wendy, who lives far away now. We truly grew up together...a beautiful thing.

Before I run off into the deep forest of memory lane, I will show you a few fun wrapping ideas:

The Artist Wrap:

I quickly splattered white butcher paper with red and green craft paint, but a solid color works well too. Two colors of raffia were used to tie on an inexpensive paint brush ($1). The tag is a paint chip with a hole punched in the corner. Viola!

The Traveler/Adventurer Wrap:

Here, an old map makes a fun package. Red raffia ties on a magnifying glass. The patch was something I found at a funny vintage store in Michigan, but any tag will do.

The Bakers Wrap:

Use a dish towel, or cloth napkin to package your gift. Here, a loaf of my Swedish coffee bread is tied up with dish towel in a Scandinavian print...finished off with a cute little spatula. Use safety pins to secure the wrap.

A Gift for Grandma:

I had Genevieve paint a picture on butcher paper. Tied up with multi-colored yarn and a handprint tag...a grandparent’s delight.

Turn on some fun holiday tunes, and Wrap it Up!

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