Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tiered Succulents Project


It sounds crazy that it takes an 80 degree day to get me to want to go out in my little backyard and start gardening, when I live in So Cal, when one can garden year round.  But I must say, there's nothing like a warm , breezy day to lure me out with my garden gloves, clippers, and spade in hand.  Today I am taking this cool container and making it into a planter for succulents.  The container was a gift from my dear friend at Easter, overflowing with gifts and treats!  Once emptied of the goodies, it was meant to be used as a fruit basket, but it's huge!  It takes up too much counter space in my compact kitchen, not to mention it holds a crazy amount of fruit.  So, it sat, cold and lonely in my attic.  
I got "sucked into succulents" a couple years ago when my sister had just a moved into her new home.  My interest in them set her on fire...she went succulent mad!  Much of what I know about them is from her, and trial and error.  I am NO expert, but I know enough to have fun and unleash some creativity.  Also...I really enjoy playing in the dirt!

One of the fantastic things about succulents is that all you have to do is cut off a piece, let it sit for a few days, and then stick it in the soil and it will root itself.  This makes it easy to share with friends.  At my brother-in-law's new property, there are succulents growing everywhere.  I was able to get some great clippings for this project, and from plants I have been growing a while.  

Step 1.  I bought corn husk liners and cut and patched to get them to fit well (easy to find where gardening supplies are sold).  
Step 2.  Start filling the bowls with cactus potting soil (purchase at a nursery).  In the end, the soil should be slightly below the liner.  

Step 3.  Start placing the succulent cuttings.  This is the fun part and involves arranging and rearranging until it is to your liking.  

Step 4.  Add stones and/or shells to fill in. Enjoy!  

If had a few extra clippings, so I stuffed some soil and the clippings into this old shell I found in my grandma's basement a few years ago...and VOILA!

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